AI Squared is a mobile app and cloud service for Audits, Inspections and Surveys for professional organisations.


bbits AI squared puts you in control when you need to create detailed Audits, Inspections and Surveys


Built for inspections, audits and surveys and designed for mobile first

Capture images and accurate locations easily and with built in Artificial Intelligence we can even automatically categorise imagery

Identify and log assets through map location, or beacons and NFC tags


Pre-Set templates to get you started quickly on popular tasks


Comprehensive user control and management allowing you to have complete control of who does what


Complete control of inspection data from access to the cloud data and reports online or full export for local analysis


Highly customisable and configurable questions and terminology so you can make any inspection, audit or survey your own.


App and website can be dynamically branded for your users so you can maintain and promote your corporate image



AI Squared is being used across the UK by local governments and organisations to
perform structured and detailed audits, inspections and surveys



APSE have chosen bbits AI2 as the ideal solution for their members to perform LAMS surveys

LA’s Bin Survey

A local authority is using AI2 to survey the location of their town bins and integrate the data into their GIS system


Keep Britain Tidy have built their LEQS service using bbits AI2 apps and cloud service


The bbits AI2 platform puts you in control in creating your mobile audits, inspections and surveys.

Contact us for a demo and you can be up and running in next to no time.